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Proficiency Test for Inhibitor

Especially when it comes to such a sensitive topic as the presence of veterinary drug residues in milk and dairy products, it is essential for every laboratory to optimally assure its own analysis results. This was also demonstrated by the high number of participants in the inhibitor ring test, which we have been offering annually since 2008 in cooperation with AiM GmbH The aim of the inhibitor suitability test is to confirm that commonly used inhibitors such as penicillin G, cloxacillin and ampicillin are detected by the participating laboratory at the MRL level (maximum maximum residue level according to EEC 2377/90) with the routine inhibitor assay.

The suitability test for inhibitors is carried out regularly in the spring.

For further questions please contact Ms. Dipl. Ing. (FH) Ms. Susanne Weidhaußer (

Invitation to the 12th proficiency test for inhibitors May 2019 and registration form Download

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Multiparameter Proficiency Test  -  multi-PT

Aim and Scheme
The aim of our QSE MULTI-PT is to provide you with a tool that allows you to monitor your performance during the entire cycle of milk and milk product analyses, from sample preparation to communication of data. In our final report, your performance will be compared with an international population of dairy laboratories allowing you to meet the requirements of ISO 17025. The statistical evaluation of the proficiency test is subcontracted to QuoData GmbH and is carried out in accordance with the statistical methodologies described in ISO 13528:2015.

Invitation to the 8th multi-PT Proficiency Test in spring 2019 Download

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DLQ Inhibitor Proficiency Test:

This suitability proficiency test also takes place once a year. Here as well, QSE GmbH is responsible for preparation, production and evaluation. This suitability test is especially challenging by the fact that each participating laboratory receives and processes 30 randomized, differently encoded samples with different inhibitor concentrations.

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